Story Seedlings

Story Seedlings is a month of writing prompts to help you grow your seed of an idea into a strong sturdy oak of a story. Participants will join an online platform and be given access to a private group. Monday through Thursday I will post a story prompt each day and participants will respond with their written scene. Fridays will be dedicated to free writing. Weekends will be time for resting and catching up on anything the chaos of the week would not allow you to complete. Then we will help each other out by offering up kind and constructive feedback. Just $75 to get your summer writing goals started on the right foot and gain a few new word nerd friends in the bargain.



Word Nerd Amanda Zieba even writes about writing!

The Power of  Little Free Libraries for Indie Authors

As I reflect on the launch of my most recent book, I noticed that many aspects of sharing my words with the world remained the same. The typical author paranoia was present. The prolific social media posting was also there. And of course there was the incredible sense of accomplishment that overshadowed all the worries as I held the finished product in my hands.But the one thing that was different this time around was the mention of Little Free Libraries. 

6 Promotion Strategies for a Self-Published Author

About a year ago I found myself attempting to swim through unknown waters. I made the plunge into the self-publishing world. But now what? I have never taken a marketing class. I do not have a wise council of advertising experts to turn to for advice. I spend all day teaching twelve year olds. So what do I do with the hundreds of books sitting in my basement? Here are six ways I chose to get the word out there about my books and launch a moderately successful book promotion plan.